DSAS Mk2 is a fully compliant, premium product designed for the user who requires a comprehensive solution for effectively managing security incidents. The unit is self-contained and consists of a compact, integrated Inmarsat/GPS transceiver, power management unit, back-up batteries and two alert activation points. It is constructed using a tough polycarbonate enclosure which is, in turn, protected by a stainless steel casing. Installation is straightforward and, with the Pole Star SSAS Management System, security alert management is easy.

In addition to our own SSAS hardware we support third party SSAS equipment from Thrane & Thrane, Furuno, JRC, Transas and others. With no external antenna, the unit does not resemble typical Satcom equipment and is therefore likely to escape hijacker/terrorist attention. In the event that the DSAS Mk2 power cable is cut or the ship’s main power is down, the unit will remain functional for several days on back up batteries.

Key Features

1) Rugged polycarbonate case with marine-grade stainless steel cover
2) Anti-tamper alerts
3) Enhanced "traffic light" diagnostics
4) Autonomous operation in the event of power failure (up to 5 days)
5) Supported by the latest Inmarsat-4 satellite constellation
6) Global Inmarsat coverage
7) Power management system
8) Monthly battery reports
9) Operating temperature range -40 degrees to +85 degrees C
10) Inmarsat IsatData Pro Type Approved
11) Flag accepted
12) Automatic commissioning
13) Access the system on BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices with the Pole Star Alert application for alerts, polling and vessel positions


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