Fleet Media

On-demand video experience bringing the latest movies, TV, sports and news to ships at sea from some of the best known names in the industry, including MGM, Warner Brothers, Miramax, Sony Pictures, HBO, NBC Universal and Sky. Fleet Media is an innovative maritime entertainment solution bringing your crew the best Hollywood movies, international films, sports and TV shows, anywhere on the globe. The service offers an on-demand video experience with hundreds of hours of programming, which can be watched on a laptop, computer or iOS and Android device anytime, anywhere on board with a Wi-Fi or physical network connection.

Keeping your crew informed and entertained can help reduce staff turnover and boost job satisfaction and morale. With programming that updates as often as every day, Fleet Media keeps your crew up-to-date with all the latest news, sports and entertainment. It also has multi-language programming to ensure crews can select from a wide variety of subtitled options. Fleet Media provides a turn-key technology solution that is simple to integrate with your existing Inmarsat equipment, with no additional data charges.


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