Isatphone Services

Field of communication and technology is advancing at a rate higher than many of us can fathom. From those days where birds were used for delivering mails until the latest Smartphone technologies, the arena of communication has transformed remarkably. We are living in a fast paced world where time equals money. Sat phones or satellites phones have been introduced to overcome the pros of cellular phones. We all know about the electromagnetic radiations and its frequency that are important in the transmission of signals. However, the functioning and technology behind the telephone systems were completely different.While cellular rely on the land based towers to relay conversations, Sat phones are connected on the orbiting communication satellites to transmit message signals. There are no network issues when it is about satellite phones as the orbiting satellites cover the whole geographical space. Operating in extremely different wavelengths and frequencies of gme uhf radios, it won’t cause any disturbance.

Available Prepaid Voucher Units on Isatphone

  • 25 Units [19 Mins]
  • 50 Units [38 Mins]
  • 100 Units [77 Mins]
  • 250 Units [192 Mins]
  • 500 Units [385 Mins]
  • 2500 Units [1920 Mins]
  • 5000 Units [3850 Mins]


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