LAN Support Services

Managed LAN / WAN services providesmonitoring, event management, maintenance and support services for enterprises with more than 50 Internet Protocol (IP) enabled device endpoints on their premises. This includes any qualifying device in the customer Wide Area Network (WAN) or Local Area Network (LAN). Don’t let monitoring, troubleshooting, resolving bottlenecks, bandwidth limitations, network protocol mismatches or performance issues drain IT resources. The IT professionals at our Network Operations Center provide around-the-clock monitoring, maintenance and support for your LAN / WAN services.

Here, the focus is on keeping your network installation proactively maintained to minimise downtime. Our flexible approach ranges from hardware replacement to 24/7 engineering and hardware support. And it doesn’t end there; our wide range of expert resources to support your business includes a specialist technical assistance centre and field engineers to support all activities from software updates to major problem resolution. What’s more, tailoring solutions for locations that demand the highest levels of service availability is a speciality of ours. All just part of our range of services designed to make your transition to a new LAN infrastructure go like clockwork.

We also provide managed service options for the monitoring and management of your LAN (saving you time and money). These can include remote monitoring, remote problem diagnosis, statistics collation, remote configuration and changes. Naturally, this can be combined with maintenance services to provide a full support package.

  • Enables you to focus on revenue-producing business objectives
  • Provides a large number of standard web-based reports
  • Improves performance on bandwidth utilization and interface availability
  • Works with Cisco, Juniper, ADTRAN, Hewlett Packard and other leading CPE devices


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